Welcome to the Finger Lakes NY Chapter of
the National Electrical Contractors Association.

Member Benefits

How does NECA membership benefit Electrical Contractors?

  • NECA Membership allows Contractors the benefit of the highest level of service between the IBEW Union and the Contractor.
  • NECA provides resources for a wide variety of professional training services through the NECA Management Institute, such as; Project Management, Estimating, and Effective Supervision, as well as ongoing local training throughout the year.
  • The Finger Lakes NY NECA Chapter is a member of the New York State Council of NECA Chapters. The Council maintains an eye on legislative issues which could impact Contractors doing business in New York State, as well as taking a proactive position with State Representatives and other businesses in New York State, to formulate policies which affect Electrical Contractor's businesses.
  • The Finger Lakes NY NECA Chapter is a direct link to the National NECA Government Affairs Office, which constantly reviews federal legislation and serves as a watchdog to protect contractor interests on a National level.
  • The Finger Lakes NY NECA Chapter maintains a library of Safety Publications and videos for training, and also provides safety programs for adaptation to your individual needs. This information is constantly updated to provide contractors with the most recent safety information to develop and maintain their own programs. The Chapter also works with other construction employers groups who provide regional training opportunities for your employees. Some of these training programs include; OSHA 10 Hours, Confined Space and CPR.
  • The Finger Lakes NY NECA Chapter enrolls all members into the 3E COMPANY MSDS paperless system. As a participant in this program, Contractors need not collect MSDS sheets for inclusion in their HAZCOM Programs. This paperless "on demand" system allows contractors employees access to MSDS information on any product with a telephone call. Contractors can avail themselves of current information and eliminate countless hours of office staff putting together this information that is required to be updated quarterly.
  • The Finger Lakes NY Chapter NECA appoints all management representatives to serve as Trustees for the Fringe Benefit Trust Funds, Labor-Management Committee and JATC.
  • The Finger Lakes NY Chapter Membership Provides "Value Added" services throughout the national association. This service affords contractors to use large volume purchasing for such items as fuel, office supplies, etc.

In addition to the above services that are afforded contractors on a local Chapter level, there are numerous services and benefits available to NECA members through our National NECA Organization. If you are interested in finding out the other benefits that are available to NECA members from our National office, click here to visit the National office.